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Ask Lounge

Some one hit me up with an “ask Lounge” question. Check out to get an idea.

Mar 9


I’m one of those dicks who’ll be foursquaring-and-tweeting-and-myspacing-and-e-viting all over the friggin’ internet from SXSW in Austin this week.

The hotel has $1 LoneStar Beers, too!

Mar 9

Fun on the subway !


Mar 6

The problem with podcasts…

The Problem with Podcasts

Mar 5

Solidly 50%

I’m averaging just over 50%, (more like “every other day now, so 3 for 5ish until I forget again tomorrow.)

Mar 5

For Your Consideration…


Mar 5

Music to help you get thru the day, or possibly just put you on edge

Mar 4


March Fo(u)rth

Mar 4

The Pain in Spain Comes Mainly from the Plane

is there a term for “bitching via blog” ?


The Pain in Spain Comes Mainly from the Plane

Mar 3

Day 3, marchers

The Coop